Welcome to XV Edition of Costa del Sol Cup


XV Edition Costa del Sol Cup

Welcome to Fuengirola


Stella Maris Apartments

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5 minutes by walk from the center o the city and 15 from the city center.

4.5/5 ★★★★★ in Tripadvisor

Top referees and International players

Both referees and players from every corner of the world join Costa del Sol Cup every year and enjoy the first class tournament in a relaxing atmosphhere but competitive.

Sun, beach and floorball

You will have time to enjoy the incredible beach of Fuengirola between match and match.

Less than ten minutes from the sport center by walk and close to the main restaurants and bars.

Vibrant nightlife

Fuengirola is well-known in the south of Spain due to its incredible nightlife.

After a hard day playing floorball and getting tan in the beach, it’s time to relax by the beach and know its several pubs an nightclubs in the city.

Sol Cup Ambassadors

    The Venue - Elola Sport Center


    From Norway and Finland with love ♥

    Ole Mossin Olesen and Jenna Morottaja are two examples of top players in the world who come year after year to Fuengirola to be part...

    — November 29, 2015 —